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Ellyn EnismanELLYN ENISMAN has over 27 years of experience in interview coaching, career counseling, corporate recruiting, employer relationship development, human capital management, human resource consulting, job placement, job search strategy coaching, interview workshops, and more. Ellyn has held senior executive management positions in the staffing, corporate recruiting, and manufacturing industries.

Ellyn has coached students from leading colleges and universities and is the founder of, a professional coaching firm with a unique and successful approach to empowering college students and recent college grads to prepare for the job market.

You’ll Discover

7 interview types … And how to prepare for them effortlessly – Including the dreaded Panel interview

What the interviewer REALLY wants to know when he asks “Tell me about yourself” or “Why should we hire you?” (And it’s not what you think.)

The 4 most important questions you MUST ask in every interview to boost your chances of getting hired … And how to ask them the “right” way every time

3 mistakes college grads make that can kill your interview before it begins … And how to avoid them (This tip alone is worth the price of the entire book)

How to create your own, personal, powerful “stories” … So you’ll always have the perfect answer ready – No matter what the question is

How to use the job description to find the clues to what questions you will be asked

Simple tools to help you prepare flawless interview answers to the toughest interview questions

A complete blueprint for how to increase your confidence and seize control of your future… Now

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HansHans, Gettysburg College
“I have worked with Ellyn continually since graduating from College. My experience with her has been extraordinarily positive.

Following my undergraduate studies, she was instrumental in assisting me with choosing a career path and obtaining the job of my choice. Together, Ellyn and I formulated both short and long-term career goals. We then worked collaboratively to transform my resume from mediocre to professional and flawless.

Later, when I was offered two positions simultaneously, Ellyn pragmatically guided me to accepting my current position. The decision was clearly the correct one, because it has been an amazing learning experience and opened the doors to the long-term goals, which Ellyn and I set early on.

Ellyn provided insightful and comprehensive career counseling, and I would recommend her to any and all young professionals looking for assistance with their professional endeavors.”

AllisonAllison, George Washington University
I don’t know if I would have gotten my job if it weren’t for Ellyn Enisman!

When graduating from college, I didn’t even know how to search for a job, didn’t know what I wanted to do in a career, and certainly did not feel confident about interviewing. I researched the internet, read every article I could find on interviewing, resume preparation, and job search.

All the information was generic. The articles were all the same giving the same advice over and over. Ellyn did not do that. The self assessment and discovery process she created helped me understand the value of my education, project work, internships, work experiences, and life experiences.

Through my work with her, I was able answer any interview question using examples to back them up. Her coaching also helped me decide on a career in Human Resources and get the job I really wanted.

FrancescaFrancesca, Georgetown University
Before I met Ellyn I was overwhelmed with graduating and wanting to find the “perfect” job. She calmed me down and guided me through probably the scariest time of my life.

Not only did she help me know what to say in interviews, but more importantly she helped me learn a lot about myself and helped build my confidence. Ellyn taught me things I will carry with me forever.

Now I have a Management Consulting position to look forward to which offers me so many of the things I am looking for in a career! And I thank Ellyn for allowing me to realize what I wanted and for giving me the guidance and support I needed to get it. I can’t thank you enough!