Career Week: Job Interview Skills 101

May 18, 2011 

PIX11′s Career Week continues with the all important job interview and Ellyn Enisman, the author of Job Interview Skills 101, wa here with some great suggestions to help your next interview.

Things To Avoid: – Don`t be late – Don`t wear perfume or cologne – No heavy makeup, no heavy jewelry simple – Dont forget the small talk – “It`s nice to meet you,” respond to their comment “Yes, it is a beautiful day.”

Things To Do: – Be 10 min early – Turn off your cell phone – Firm handshake and make eye contact – Dress professionally no matter what the industry – it show respect and that you care – Always tell the truth – Polished shoes – Wear stockings

Common Questions To Be Prepared For: – Tell me about yourself – need 30 second commercial – Tell me about a time when- behavioral interview – What are your strengths?- need specific examples and not the typical strengths such as I am a hard worker – What are your weaknesses? – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Questions To Ask Interviewers: – How would you describe a typical day in this role? – What are the challenges this position tackles? – You mentioned that this person is required to attend quarterly management meetings, Can you tell me more about that? – How does my background fit with what you are looking for? OR What, if anything is missing from my background?

Job Interview Skills 101 is available in bookstores now. For more information, visit

And tomorrow, we’re going to help you write the perfect resume which will get you noticed.

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