• What Employers Are Really Looking for and How to Prove That You Have It

    Hint: It's All In Your Story...
    When it comes to new grads and college students, employers look for attributes first and technical skills second. As a new grad or student, employers don't expect you to have a great deal of experience in the career you have chosen.
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  • Career Week: Job Interview Skills 101

    PIX11's Career Week continues with the all important job interview and Ellyn Enisman, the author of Job Interview Skills 101, wa here with some great suggestions to help your next interview.
    Things To Avoid: - Don`t be late - Don`t wear perfume or cologne - No heavy makeup, no heavy jewelry simple - Dont forget the small talk -
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  • 15 Steps To Overcoming Job Search Anxiety

    Graduation is just a few weeks away and the class of 2011 along with their parents is feeling the anxiety, big time. What’s the anxiety about? The job market. It’s been four years of hard work, new friends, and fun. Now it’s time to leave all that behind and go out and find a job and begin to build a career. When this class entered college, the job market was better and although it has been reported that this job market will be better than last year for 2011 grads, this job market will be more competitive than ever.
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  • How to Make the Most of Your Campus Job Fair

    A job fair can be a great way for college students and graduates to get their resumes in the hands of multiple recruiters in one swoop, but it can be hard to stand out amid the mass of other eager job seekers.
    “With the recovering economy, job fairs are surging back on the hiring scene,” says career coach Dilip Saraf. "It is a good idea to know how to make the most of this hiring channel.”
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